About me

Photo Credit: Katie Luman Photography
My name is Emily Walters Laney

-I'm an ENFJ, which means I'm a people loving, time oriented person who relys on feelings and intuition in life.

- It also means that I LOVE to plan. I have been known to plan out time to be spontaneous

-I'm a big animal lover. I have a rescue mutt named Biscuit, and have been known to feed stray cats and rescue baby birds.

- I love coffee and sushi (not together)

- I married Brent Laney on March 5, 2011 in front of 350 people in my childhood church

- If you are getting married, I want to help you make sure your perfect day comes to fruition

- If you are planning an event, I'd love to help you ensure that its exactly how you picture it.

- I began coordinating weddings after what I have dubbed 'the year of weddings'. Within a year's time, I was in 4 weddings, went to 10, coordinated 2, and got married myself. I realized during this time that I really love weddings and love helping couples plan and execute their 'dream day'.